Victorian Plumbing is the UK’s leading online retailer of bathroom products and accessories, offering a one-stop shop solution for the entire bathroom.

Victorian Plumbing is a digitally native retailer of bathroom products and accessories. We have grown rapidly in recent years and are now the UK’s leading online specialist bathroom brand. 

Our mission is to deliver affordable bathrooms to every door through investing in a broad product range, advanced logistics and the growth of our valued team. Over the past two decades, we have developed a strong, exciting and trusted brand together with a hard-working and innovative culture and we are now known across the UK as a household name for bathrooms.

We offer a wide range of over 32,000 products to consumers and trade customers, with more than 130 brands across a wide spectrum of price points.

Our brand portfolio includes over 25 of our own brands, carefully designed and developed by our in-house product team, complemented by high quality and established third party brands across a range of product categories; we have a growing reputation as a leader in product innovation; and we have expanded into adjacent bathroom product lines such as tiles, flooring and lighting.

  • Our Superior Customer Journey and Experience

    Our website provides a high quality and user-friendly experience for B2C and trade customers, offering a one-stop shop solution for the entire bathroom, with product pages equipped with realistic CGI imagery, 360 degree product views and detailed descriptions.

  • Culture & Values

    We focus on ensuring we create a highly collaborative culture where people feel motivated, valued and supported.

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